Possible warning system for chainers

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Possible warning system for chainers

Post by BigDaddyDev on Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:57 am

I'd like to create a possible warning system, with good input from you 3 on this one, I'd like to see something of a 2 warning system, sadly, some people need things like this in place to give them a boot up the arse, so here's how I think it could go. This is edited now taking into account the end of the 60 hit target.

First Warning - Getting a reminder mail from one of us
Anyone who has gone a few weeks without hitting enough will be reminded in mail. Doing this last week also got me to know why others hadn't chained. Itsme89 is currently out on holiday, Jacobmi92 is on merchant navy for 6 months and so on.

Second Warning - Direct mail to the person letting them know one more chance is in order
Hopefully, we'll be exercising this one rarely, I hope one quiet word in their ear is enough, failing that, they get a direct warning letting them know they seriously need to buck up their ideas.

Third - Straight boot out
If they fail to heed two warnings and a clear knowledge that we're chaining, then I think we stand with no option other than to kick them out.

As I say, countless times, I don't want to appear as the bastard leader who forces them to chain, I gave Moona the rest of the chain off as I felt sorry for him feeling he was going to be kicked despite actually showing an effort. This faction isn't about chaining, and that's the reason I won't force anyone to do anything they don't want.

Let me know if you don't agree with me, You know I will only accept it myself if I have all 3 of you on board with it.

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Re: Possible warning system for chainers

Post by megs on Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:48 pm

I think this is a reasonable way to do things. Yea, we cant supply drugs and points and shit, but we do offer some perks. There has to be some give and take.

On another point, the more I think about it the 60 hits per week may be a bit steep for our younger players. Not everyone is addicted to Torn as much as I am. 60 hits per week amounts to 12 hits 5 days a week. If our newer players do not log on that much and cant afford drugs and refills, this may be hard to accomplish.


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